Hvar: 8 Days Yoga, Hiking & Beach-Camping in Wooden Huts

September 15-22, 2018

Prepare yourself for a wonderful week on a secluded beach where the only background noise is the crashing of the waves against the cliffs. The sun kisses your skin, you breathe deep and free, enjoy the here and now: your soul shines. The isolated island Hvar in the Adriatic Sea offers the chance to escape from every-day life and find back to your center.


Daily yoga sessions, snorkeling, hikes, sunrises and sunsets in front of your door...PARADISE pure.





Daily Overview

  • optional Sunrise Meditation/Surya Namaskar
  • 8:00-10 a.m. Hatha Flow & Pranayama
  • post-Yoga breakfast with locally sourced products
  • Enjoy the day: island exploration, hiking, swimming, reading, relaxing, ... it's up to you :). One guided hike and day-long boat trip included (per week)
  • 5-7 p.m. Regenerative Yoga & Meditation
  • from 7 p.m. on Cooking (optional) & Group Dinner
  • Stargazing :)


  • 7 Nights in a Cast Away Wooden Hut
  • 15 Meditation & Yoga Sessions
  •  Organic Breakfasts & Dinners
  • Fruit and snacks throughout the day
  • 1 Boat Ride to a nearby island with lunch included
  • Guided Hike
  • As much snorkeling as you can handle (incl. gear)
  • A small welcome present
  • ..and lots of LOVE and POSITIVE INSPIRATION! 


***Disconnect: Cast Away doesn't offer Wi-Fi, minimal electricity, no running water (but fresh rainwater)***


Cost (Yoga + Lodging + B&D)

Half Hut @ €660


Single Hut @ €970


Double Hut @ €1.320

Cast Away and the Island Hvar

Cast Away: This is where the road ends with life pure and undisturbed. Beach huts, hammocks, a million stars, the sea… This is for everyone who ever felt there must be more to life. Here’s to more. Welcome.


Scenic creeks & beaches, crystal clear water, unspoiled natural beauty these are a few things that the beautiful island of Hvar has to offer.  Known as one of worlds 10 most beautiful islands, the lavender island welcomes you not only with a pleasant smell of lavender, sage & rosemary, but invites everyone to discover its rich mix of culture, traditions & architecture. Set between the famous cities of Dubrovnik & Split, its not only Croatias most famous & sunniest island but has the perfect location for numerous daytrips or to travel to must see islands such as Korcula, Vis & Brac.

Yoga & Meditation

Summertime is a beautiful time to re-center our energies and direct our attention towards the things we want to achieve in life and towards the attributes which we strive after. Yoga and meditation are in my - of course, unbiased ;) - opinion, the best way to do so. I focus on a combination of traditional Hatha, Hatha Flow (tending towards Vinyasa) and Yin Yoga in order to do so. As a nature lover, I introduce nature-based aspects to the classes, and let the healing attributes of sunshine and water work their magic.  My courses are equally fitting for beginners and advanced students: I provide precise descriptions and offer level-based variations, so that everyone can go as far into the poses as comfortable on any given day. Each and every course is planned around the needs of you - because anything else would just be silly.  


Arriving in Paradise & the Cast Away Shuttle Service


Car ferries sail many times per day from Split to Stari Grad & from Drvenik to Sucuraj.  This is the cheapest option and you don’t need any reservation. If you come by car, Drvenik – Sucuraj is the cheapest but also the furthest. You can find all the prices & timetables on www.jadrolinija.hr.


Another option to reach the island of Hvar is to take the high speed catamaran (only passengers). There are two boat companies that operate daily catamaran lines from Split, Brac, Korcula, Vis, Mljet & Dubrovnik to Hvar town & Jelsa. All prices & timetables on www.jadrolinija.hr and www.krilo.hr. Reservation is mandatory in high season!

Planes & Seaplanes

Split Airport is the nearest airport to the island of Hvar and is situated at 20 km distance from Split and at 6 km from Trogir. From Split Airport, take the airport shuttle bus to Split. The bus leaves every 30 minutes right in front of the terminal at the airport. Ticket can be purchased on the bus and it costs 30 HRK (4€). The airport shuttle bus to Split takes 30 minutes and drops you off at the Split Central bus station, located right in front of the Split ferry port. Just cross the street and take one of the ferry or catamaran lines to the island of Hvar. The best option for Cast Away is to take the 2h Jadrolinija ferry to Starigrad. There is also an option to reach Jelsa on the island of Hvar directly by seaplane from Split Airport in 13 minutes. For tickets and schedules: www.ec-air.eu.


On the island, busses only run between Hvar town, Starigrad & Jelsa, taxis and Uber cars are your best option for the more secluded parts.

Cast Away Shuttle

Cast Away offers a free shuttle service (max. 8 pax) every morning to the ferry port of Starigrad and back. Pick-ups/drop-offs on the way in Zavala and Jelsa are possible too. 


  • 10:00h Cast Away – 10:45h Starigrad ferry
  • 11:30h Starigrad ferry – 12:15h Cast Away

The Jadrolinija ferry from Split arrives at 10:30h in Starigrad and leaves at 11:30h again for Split. Please do some groceries in Tommy’s supermarket across the street. The free shuttle bus will pick you up at 11:30h in front of Tommy’s supermarket. The shuttle bus is a grey Opel Vivaro 9-seater. If you are in Hvar city, you can take the local bus at 10:30h to the ferry station in Stari Grad (NOT Stari Grad town!) and do some groceries in Tommy’s as well (if you want anything specific) before being picked up at 11:30h.

Car / motorike

Cast Away is only accessible by a 4km dirt road that starts in Zavala so drive very carefully. Cast Away lies approx. 600m after the village of Gromin Dolac right on the seaside. There are no signs, keeping in tune with the hidden, Cast Away beach vibe. This keeps out curious day trippers and guarantees comfort and privacy. A more detailed description will be sent with your reservation details. Private parking available for the guests.


***Please reserve your spot on the Cast Away Shuttle ASAP if you need a ride!***