About me

Malia Campbell

 I grew up in San Luis Obispo, California and have very much been formed by the small, costal town. Soulshine Yoga was named after the 'soulshine' which you feel on my hometown beach: the sun shines, a light breeze tousels your hair, the only sounds you hear come from the seagulls, the dogs playing in the distance and the whoops of joy the surfers release while catching waves. The sun kisses your skin, you breathe deep and free, enjoy the here and now: your soul shines. 
I started my business degree at the University of Denver at 17, was finished at 21, made a short pause in the middle for a study abroad semester in Seville, Spain. After getting my degree, I decided I'm not really the 'business' type... I moved back to Spain, this time to teach English. I spent a wonderful year in Sant Antoni de Portomani at Can Coix Elementary and learned to live in the Here and Now again.
A handsome, tall, full-of-life Styrian convinced me that Austria is just as awesome Spain, and I followed him here. He was right (*please* don't tell him that), we're now married and I've been blessed enough to call Austria my new home for the last 5 years. Two years teaching at the Vienna Business School, a short time at a 5-star hotel and almost three years at a small business have helped me to feel at home here.
I began with yoga at a young age. At 15 I visited a yoga class for the first time - I wanted to be more flexible for my tennis career :-) Really. The teacher was Richard, a talented and convincing yoga teacher who to this day still teaches at the Avila Bay Club. I was in love. Then, as happens to the best of us, I lost my connection to yoga for a while. On the Isla Blanca in the Mediterranean, I found my way back and was again reminded the added quality of life which yoga offers. I began in 2016 with the yoga teacher training through the Yoga-Akadamie Austria and have been teaching since.
I love yoga and hope to be able to join you along your yoga path.
Namasté and Om Shanti.